Most Infinity Dance Co. DanceAbility classes last for an hour and a half.

It is very important to be on time to class in order to not interrupt the saftey and focus of the class

We begin each class with an opening circle. During this time we may talk about how we are feeling, if there is anything anyone needs to know about dancing with us, such as I stubbed my left toe earlier today, please be careful of my foot or don't put weight on the front of my wheel chair. It's a safe way to to begin class.

We then have a time of relaxing guided meditation in order to focus our attention. During the class, we work on a variety of exercises. DanceAbility infuses contact improvisation, structured improvisation & contemporary modern dance techniques to allow all participants to dance together.

After the classes progress we begin working on choreography.

All participants are involved in the choreography so regular attendance is very important or it impedes the progress of the whole class.

Performances are a part of DanceAbility. It's how we educate the public about what we do.

We end every class with a closing circle. Which is a chance to talk about their experience in the dance class.

Then we have usually had a massage for 5 to 10 minutes. We line up behind each other and we give each other a shoulder rub. Safe touch is a part of DanceAbility and it's also a kind, gentle way to close the class.

DanceAbility classes are fun, creative and collaborative.

DanceAbility Teacher Training:

DanceAbility training courses certify instructors, and provide us with the tools we need to work with all levels of dancers: from beginners to highly-trained dancers; as well as dancers who use wheelchairs, dancers who are amputees or blind, or have other mental or physical conditions.

We all collaborate to improvise beautiful and interesting shapes.