Infinity Dance

DanceAblity offers a healthy, sustainable dance practice, providing benefits that will stay with performers throughout their lives.

Each of us is only temporarily able. At any time we can lose our physical or mental capabilities due to things that are out of control, including age. DanceAbility offers us a way to continue to express ourselves artistically and allows us to move in healthy, meaningful ways. In DanceAbility, there are no helpers - only supporters. Everyone has something they need, and also something to give.

DanceAbility is a Process of Non-Isolation.

We often work in pairs or groups so that no one is ever alone or left wondering what to do. Everyone can do something, so we look for common denominators that are shared by each person in the group. For example, if one dancer is in a wheelchair, other class members might also use a wheelchair, or some other object with wheels, such as roller skates, as a way of establishing equal ground.

Non-disabled dancers must also learn to dance in a wheelchair just as disabled dancers must learn to dance in their wheelchair. This process creates a truly heartfelt sense of empowerment, as well as accelerating traits of endurance and empathy.

We believe that DanceAbility is the perfect artistic medium to facilitate a feeling of inclusion, since unity is at the core of our vision. Our goal is to create a diverse dance community, such that it represents and reflects a realistic and diverse community.

DanceAbility is a Collaborative Process.

Dancers learn, through structured improvisation, to make individual choices by listening to their own bodies. In this way, each individual enhances the overall composition of the dance.

DanceAbility is appropriate for anyone.
Participants are given unique exercises to invent their own choreography.
Everyone’s ideas are valuable, respected, needed and incorporated.

DanceAbility classes are an ego-free zone. Everyone's ideas have equal value.

See Our Story
Skye Spencer

It was really cool to socialize with people who come from different groups. I also enjoyed learning how to build shapes from the ideas of other dancers.

Alanah Songer

At first I was shy but Sheri has been doing this for a long time and she just goes for it, so that helped me not be shy anymore. I enjoyed meeting a lot people and they became my friends and everyone learns and that makes me happy.

Sherri Breedlove

I like singing, dancing and acting. This is my third dance performance working with Sarah. I love to dance.

Lutchi Dancel

I learned a lot in class. I enjoy the friendship and the fellowship with the people. I’m really amazed how everyone was accepting my age.

Tony Songer

My favorite thing is being a soldier and doing handstands.

Ananya Pramanik

I like the meditation at the beginning of class. I feel like it relaxes you to be ready to dance.

Fritz Spender

I really like that I can express myself how I want when dancing.

Meg Dancel

I learned to communicate through movement.