June 3, 2015

What is Danceability?


DanceAbility is a Process of Non-Isolation. We often work in pairs or groups so that no one is ever alone or left wondering what to do. Everyone can do something, so we look for common denominators that are shared by each person in the group. For example, if one dancer is in a wheelchair, other class members might also use a wheelchair, or some other object with wheels, such as roller skates, as a way of establishing equal ground. .facebook_-2114879286

Non-disabled dancers must also learn to dance in a wheelchair just as disabled dancers must learn to dance in their wheelchair. This process creates a truly heartfelt sense of empowerment, as well as accelerating traits of endurance and empathy.

We believe that DanceAbility is the perfect artistic medium to facilitate a feeling of inclusion, since unity is at the core of our vision. Our goal is to create a diverse dance community, such that it represents and reflects a realistic and diverse community.

DanceAbility is a Collaborative Process. 

Dancers learn, through structured improvisation, to make individual choices by listening to their own bodies.  In this way, each individual enhances the overall composition of the dance.

  • DanceAbility is appropriate for anyone.
  • Participants are given unique exercises to invent their own choreography.
  • Everyone’s ideas are valuable, respected, needed and incorporated.

DanceAbility classes are an ego-free zone. Everyone’s ideas have equal value.
Most Infinity Dance Co. DanceAbility classes last for an hour and a half.

It is very important to be on time to class in order to not interrupt the saftey and focus of the class

We begin each class with an opening circle. During this time we may talk about how we are feeling, if there is anything anyone needs to know about dancing with us, such as I stubbed my left toe earlier today, please be careful of my foot or don’t put weight on the front of my wheel chair. It’s a safe way to to begin class.

We then have a time of relaxing guided meditation in order to focus our attention. During the class, we work on a variety of exercises. DanceAbility infuses contact improvisation, structured improvisation & contemporary modern dance techniques to allow all participants to dance together.

After the classes progress we begin working on choreography.

All participants are involved in the choreography so regular attendance is very important or it impedes the progress of the whole class.

Performances are a part of DanceAbility. It’s how we educate the public about what we do.

We end every class with a closing circle. Which is a chance to talk about their experience in the dance class.

Then we have usually had a massage for 5 to 10 minutes. We line up behind each other and we give each other a shoulder rub. Safe touch is a part of DanceAbility and it’s also a kind, gentle way to close the class.

DanceAbility classes are fun, creative and collaborative.

DanceAbility Teacher Training:

DanceAbility training courses certify instructors, and provide us with the tools we need to work with all levels of dancers: from beginners to highly-trained dancers; as well as dancers who use wheelchairs, dancers who are amputees or blind, or have other mental or physical conditions.

We all collaborate to improvise beautiful and interesting shapes.

DanceAblity offers a healthy, sustainable dance practice, including benefits that will stay with performers throughout their lives. We are each only temporarily able. At any time we can lose our physical or mental capabilities due to things that are out of control, including age. DanceAbility offers us a way to continue to express ourselves artistically and allows us to move in healthy, meaningful ways. In DanceAbility there are no helpers, only supporters. Everyone has something they need, and also something to give.

To learn more about DanceAbility, International and Teacher Training, see: http://www.danceability.com/






2 thoughts on “What is Danceability?

  • My name is Blake Boseneiler, and I am a student at the University of Iowa. I am a double major in Dance and Therapeutic Recreation. I am very intrigued by this company and would love to be a part of it. I am interested in movement therapy and want to work the idea of improvisation. Improvisation is a great tool to experience your own body in space and collaborate with others. If there is a way for me to get involved please let me know!


    • Hi Blake
      DanceAbility really is the perfect opportunity for your double major! There may be a few ways that you could get involded and or see what we do. We have classes on Monday and Wednesday evening from 5:30- 7:00 P.M. at the Iowa City Senior Center Rm G-13. These are mixed ages and abilities. Some people come both days some come only one day. You could ome and try the class out on either or both days. I do charge for these classes but I am wiling to negotiate a price that is affordable and will not turn anyone away who is committed to coming regularly. We have upoming performances in the spring that you could watch or be a part of. I have a little group that goes to Oaknoll Retirement Residence on Tuesday evenings and works on dance with a resident, no charge. I am also working on getting together a DanceAbility class after lunch at the Senior Center because the seniors rarely can make it out to classes in the evening. One other thing that I need help to do is get together a little team to hep turn this into a non profit so that I can make it more affordable and accesible for all. We would love to have you. All of my dancers are always very excited to have new people join.

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